The fourth-generation Valtra S Series is a tractor whose balanced performance helps you get the most out of your new investment – to maximise output and minimise costs. We have designed a reliable machine for you to which you can combine all the services you want. This allows us to ensure the best possible return on your investment.

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Valtra s series BASIC FEATURES

The basic features of our Valtra S Series have been designed to handle even the toughest tasks. A powerful engine, stepless transmission and optimal weight distribution ensure efficient performance. The hydraulic output is sufficient for use with heavy-duty implements, either on the field or in the forest. The large cab offers a spacious work environment, and driving comfort is in a class of its own.

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AGCO Power 84 AWF engine

The reliable 84 AWF AGCO Power engine is the key to the productivity of the S Series. The engine uses the latest AGCO Power technology to comply with the Stage V emissions standard. The same technology also ensures the reliability of the engine without any increase in operating costs. AGCO Power’s SCR technology was introduced with the S Series back in 2008, making it the first tractor in the world to feature this technology.

Twin turbo

The new Valtra S Series has two sequential turbochargers for better torque at lower revs and lower exhaust temperatures, which in turn increases durability and reduces maintenance requirements. It also enables even better driving characteristics and lower emissions reliably without the need for expensive technical solutions.

Fuel efficiency

The fuel economy of the S Series has always been competitive relative to the achieved kilowatt hours, for example relative to the number of cubic metres of wood that can be chipped or the number of hectares that can be tilled. The 84 AWF AGCO Power engine on the new S Series reduces fuel consumption even further (5%). Exhaust gas recirculation is also employed to reduce the consumption of AdBlue.

An innovation that combines the best

The S Series combines leading innovations by Valtra, AGCO Power and German engineers. The intelligent tractor control system developed by Valtra combines these to create an unbeatable package: power that is efficient, easy to use and reliable.

Optimised transmission

The AGCO Variable Transmission features different work areas for tasks requiring different speeds. Work area A is for all work situations requiring heavy pulling force, while work area B is for general road transport. This enables the pulling power and transmission efficiency to be optimised. For example, when driving at low engine speeds, the fuel savings are considerable.

Up to 10% more power

Valtra’s innovative SigmaPower is standard on the S Series. Whenever extra power is required by the PTO or hydraulics, the engine’s electronic management system boosts output by as much as 10% – up to 405 horsepower on the biggest S Series models. Power boost is also available when driving at speeds of over 20 km/h.


We lowered the total cost of ownership by reducing fuel consumption and emissions to meet EU Stage V engine regulations, while still delivering power where you need it. At the same time we have focused on keeping maintenance to a minimum, for example with service-free hydraulic lash adjustment (HLA).


Valtra SmartTouch has raised usability to a new level. It’s more intuitive than your smartphone. Settings are easily accessible within only two taps or swipes and all technology is integrated into the new easy-to-use format: Valtra Guide, ISOBUS, Connect, Section Control and TaskDoc.


The cab features four-point pneumatic suspension, Valtra AutoComfort, that utilises the latest technology. Sensors relay information to the control system, which makes sure that the cab is always in the right position. AutoComfort also allows you to adjust the suspension according to your personal preference.

The S Series is designed for working 24/7, so air conditioning comes as standard. Even the driver’s seat is ventilated. Working in the S Series is comfortable in all seasons of the year. Other standard equipment includes six working lights at the front and rear, and LED lights are available as an option.




Valtra’s TwinTrac reverse-drive system makes your work even more efficient, especially when working with mowers and other heavy-duty implements. S Series tractors have been designed from the outset to work effectively in both directions. Studies have shown that working in reverse with Valtra tractors is even more efficient than working in the forward direction, in certain applications, due to the superior visibility. The optimal ergonomics make it easier to work longer hours, which further improves productivity.


Switching to the reverse-driving position is fast and easy. An adjustable steering column is located at the rear of the cab along with an accelerator pedal, brake pedal and “clutch” pedal. All the other controls are located on the SmartTouch armrest, which rotates 180 degrees together with the driver’s seat.


The Valtra Unlimited service creates unlimited possibilities. Get a unique exterior package with a special paint color, or choose interior features such as leather and chrome. Select business applications, like a bottom grader, or special military features. Everything is installed at the factory and covered by the factory warranty.

The sky’s no limit!



Valtra offers a set of smart farming technologies that work seamlessly together – Valtra Guide, ISOBUS, Section Control, Variable Rate Control and TaskDoc – which you operate from the SmartTouch terminal. By automatically guiding your tractor and implements, these improve your accuracy and precision, reduce working time, and make sure you get better yields and better return on your investment.

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