Experience the new generation with the Valtra G Series tractors
The G Series is a full-featured multi-purpose tractor for your everyday farming needs. It has an advanced power lift and effective working hydraulics: in HiTech open centre, while Active and Versu offer a closed centre load sensing system. High hydraulic pump capacities (100/110 l/min) guarantee speed, ease of use and full-featured implement control.

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Valtra G Series

We work hard to make hard work easy

At Valtra our main focus is to know our customers, understand their needs and provide them with the best tractor experience. G Series is the latest answer to our customers’ demands on tractors and their features. It’s the small giant and compact all-rounder tractor that enables you to sit back and enjoy peace of mind while getting the job done comfortably.

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Compact but professional

The G Series brings together compact dimensions and a lightweight, agile design. Whether on the field or in the farmyard, or somewhere completely different, this is your reliable working machine.



Easy and safe entry and exit to the cab and wide, self-cleaning steps. A comfortable cab with plenty of room for two people and great visibility to all directions, including a large roof window. The cab’s total glass area is 5.7 m2. The Valtra shuttle enables a smooth and safe start with integrated park position and easy to use controls.


Front loader master

Thanks to the integrated front loader subframe, electronic control, and 5.7 square metres of glass area offering great visibility, the G Series is the perfect machine for front loader work.



Powershift revolution with great speed availability with 6-speed Powershift and fuel-saving Valtra automatics such as the speed-based AUTO1 automatic shifting, hill hold and engine braking control.


Entry level Smart Farming

Want to work smarter, not harder? The G Series is the perfect machine to begin Smart Farming with. Valtra smart farming features are integrated in the Versu and Active models.



Advanced 60 kN power lift and hydraulics with a up to 100 l/min flow including electric joystick control for front loader and easy implement control via the adjustable hydraulics and ISOBUS.


The G Series is available in four different Option Packages so it’s quick and easy to select the features you need.

The Option Packages range from improved comfort features and easier applications handling all the way to advanced precision farming technologies. 

In addition, you can complete your working machine with the Front loader package and finish it with Valtra Unlimited customisation options. 



The Comfort package takes your comfort zone to another level. This package is available for all G Series HiTech, Active and Versu models. Options included in the Comfort package:

  • Front Axle Suspension
  • Suspended cab and seat, Air Suspended +
  • Work Light Premium or Premium+ with LED lights
  • Reversing Lights Automatics


The Technology package adds features that make connecting and operating the G Series and your implements easier and more productive. The Technology package is available for all G Series Active and Versu models. Options included in this package:

  • Full Valtra Guide: one of 4 options with Novatel or Trimble antenna
  • ISOBUS rear
  • Advanced (ASR, with radar) (with Versu only)
  • Power socket set
  • All options from Comfort


The Technology Pro package is the top of the range and includes everything you need for Smart Farming. The Technology Pro package is available for all G Series Active and Versu models. Options included:

  • Wayline Assistant
  • Precision farming: One of 4 Section Control or Section Control & Variable Rate options
  • SmartTouch Extend
  • TaskDoc Pro
  • All options from Comfort & Technology


The G Series is built from the ground up as a 4-cylinder tractor.

As a powerhouse of Valtra tractors with 70 years of experience, AGCO Power compact engines offer great power and torque feature. The compact 4.4 l engine with small dimensions enables a low bonnet with great visibility. The all-in-one engine after-treatment system cleans the exhaust according to stage V standards. The compact unit is located wholly on the right side of the tractor, under the cab, where it keeps not only the exhaust gas clean but also the visibility field open. High air intake as well as a solution with no need for exhaust recirculation keeps the air fresh and clean for the engine.


Get moving smoothly with Valtra shuttle. All G Series models have integrated park position and AutoTraction to help you get a smooth start. The new 6-speed Powershift gives you better work speed possibilities than before. The revolutionary Valtra automatics include features like automatic shifting – AUTO1 offers a speed pedal function and adjustable engine braking while AUTO2 gives the operator freedom to select shift limits. There’s even a hill hold function integrated to all G Series models, and in addition, our top-of-the-range Versu model offers a CVT-like lever driving function.


Valtra Smart Farming is a set of technologies that work seamlessly together – Valtra Guide, ISOBUS, Section Control, Variable Rate Control and TaskDoc. A key design principle of our technology solutions is the ease of use.




The G Series is excellent for front loader work, and the Front Loader package is here to unlock that feature. The tractor’s great visibility and good turning radius are perfectly complemented by this option package which includes:

  • Factory fitted and tested front loader & subframe set
  • High visibility roof


You find the work. We’ll find the way.

You can add Valtra Unlimited options to any Option Package to tailor your tractor to your exact needs. 

With Valtra Unlimited, the possibilities really are just that – unlimited. What do you need? What have you been dreaming of? Done and done. We make it happen. A special paint job can give your tractor a distinctive look that turns heads. Whether you need a certain colour scheme for municipality work and special authorities or want to let your creativity go wild, Valtra Unlimited ensures that your needs are met.

Inside, Valtra Unlimited tractors can be equipped with durable, high-quality leather steering wheels and seats that guarantee driving comfort and give a final finishing touch to the appearance of the cab. Interior panels can also be customised, and more special requests can be fulfilled quickly.



You work hard. Operate in challenging and diverse environments, running five jobs at once, putting in long hours and hauling distances. It’s our job to make your tractor experience the best it can be. Our easy Connect, Care & Go service concept offers unrivalled practicality that eases the daily operation and maintenance without adding costs for the owner. The best tractor experience is not just the machine, or the moment you purchase it – we, our partners and our vast dealer network is here to help you through the whole lifecycle of your tractor.

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