Valtra A Series Tractors

Valtra A Series tractors share many of the features of their big brothers, the N and T Series, but in a very compact form. The A Series is fun to drive, light and agile, but it puts power on the ground and offers plenty of power for your modern implements. As usual, we made no compromises in perfecting our smallest 3 and 4 cylinder working machine.


Ease of use for any job

You choose Valtra because you know it’s a reliable machine. It is easy to use when you are working hard. And with Valtra, you get the lowest total operating costs.

The A Series makes work easy. It has the power for pulling a plough and the agility for feeding your animals. It offers excellent visibility for precision work and versatility for power-hungry implements. The transmission operation could not be easier. While it is compact on the outside, inside the cab you have plenty of space and comfort. Daily maintenance is simple: checking the fuel, oil and other liquids takes almost no time at all.

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Many new features introduced on the A Series

Two years after the 4th generation A Series was launched, Valtra has introduced a host of new features in response to customer feedback. As a result, the A Series is now even more versatile, powerful and comfort­able tool for handling a wide range of tasks.

The biggest change is the option of a Powershift transmission on A104 and A114 models. The 16+16R transmission has four ranges, each with four Powershift gears. As a result, six gears are now available for field speeds of 4 to 12 km/h. The transmission can also be operated ergonomically with the right hand using rocker switches. For the most part, the clutch pedal only has to be used when setting off or for precise manoeuvring, for example when attaching implements.

In addition to the new HiTech 4 transmission, other options include the traditional 12+12R transmission and the 24+24R version with creeper gears.

More performance

The latest A Series makes it possible to get more done in the same amount of time.

The A104 and A114 HiTech 4 models are powered by 4.4-litre AGCO Power AWFC engines producing 100 and 110 horsepower. These engines comply with Stage IV emissions standards using SCR technology that reduces fuel and maintenance costs.

Front PTO and a front linkage can now be fitted to all A104 and A114 models at the Unlimited Studio at the Valtra plant in Suolahti, Finland. The addition of front PTO and a front linkage open up brand new opportunities for the A Series, including the use of front mowers, which is popular in many countries.


Valtra tractors’ fully modular design means full adaptability to your needs. The modules act as building blocks for the configuration of the tractors, creating a menu of product specifications that has been carefully designed to maximise value for you. It is easy to build your own Valtra A Series to be the best fit for your work.


Famous for their reliability, durability and fuel economy, the 3.3 litre and 4.4 litre AGCO Power engines are environmentally friendly and quiet, while offering high torque (max 312 Nm @ 1500 rpm) across a broad speed range. The Valtra A Series is fun to drive and easy to handle due to its unbeatable engine characteristics.

There are two highly efficient transmissions available for A Series tractors:

  • 12 forward and 12 reverse speed transmission, available on all models
  • 6 forward and 16 reverse speed transmission, available for A104 and A114 HiTech4 models

In HiTech 4 models, a combination of 4-step power shift and robotised group gears offer an easy-to use solution for all work tasks. The powershift can be controlled automatically or manually.



  • Engine power 75, 85 or 95 hp
  • New 3-cylinder
  • Compact series engines from AGCO Power
  • Wheelbase 2250
  • Valtra Power shuttle transmission 12+12R

Narrow cab

  • Engine power 100 or 110 hp
  • New 4 cylinder Compact series engines from
  • AGCO Power
  • Wheel base 2430
  • Valtra Power shuttle transmission 12+12R
  • Valtra Hitech4 with clutchless 16+16R transmission 


  • Engine power 120 or 130 hp
  • New 4-cylinder
  • Compact series engines from AGCO Power
  • Wheelbase 2500
  • Valtra Power shuttle transmission 12+12R


Class-leading ergonomy and a low noise level of just 75 dB make sure the Valtra A Series keeps you comfortable in all situations. The compact but spacious cab is designed to offer more space where it is needed. The cab structure is narrow at the front to help you navigate close quarters like livestock buildings or dense forests. The optional lower heater unit for feet improves your occupational well-being on those cold winter days – just like air conditioning does in the summer heat. 

For added comfort, HiTech 4 models are available with optional cab suspension.


The six-post cab is designed for excellent all-round visibility – day in, day out.

  • The unique, sweeping A-pillar design improves forward visibility
  • The curved windscreen and optional roof window offer an excellent view to front loader operations.
  • The sloping bonnet offers the best front-down visibility on the market
  • Powerful work lights and market-leading upper, low and main beams.
  • The large rear window and short roof provide excellent rear visibility, especially with the 180° swivelling seat for special tasks like forestry.


The wedge-shaped cab helps maneuvering in tight farmyards and leads away water, snow or tree branches. To make multitasking easier, the A Series is available with the famous Valtra powershuttle featuring the easy-to-use park position. The steering wheel is equipped with easy pedal tilt and gives easy access to the driver’s seat.


The cab’s frame design is based on curved profiles and car-like deep-drawn parts. This translates into a stiffer structure that is free of vibration and extra noisesPremium build quality also ensures that doors and windows seal tight while providing a sturdy basis for high-quality trim fittings.


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