Cramer Robotic Lawn Mower

The range of robotic mowers from Cramer offer a complete solution for perfect lawns up to 2,700m². Our robust and reliable mowers automaatically mow the lawn within a perimeter wire, cutting the grass little and often with the cuttings dropping back into the roots and acting as a natural fertiliser for a greener and healthier lawn. Cramer robotic mowers give you back your time, cutting and charging automatically so you never need to mow again. All models are fully connected and compatible with the Cramer Connect App, giving you full control of the mower from your smart phone. (RM800 features Bluetooth connectivity only, all other models have 2G/4G).

The Perfect Lawn

The cutting concept of “little and often” where the mower cuts a very small amount from the grass frequently, using razor sharp blades for a clean finish. Any grass cuttings fall into the grass roots tp act as a natural fertiliser. the result is a greener, healthier lawn with significantly reduced moss which always looks neat and tidy. The RM series also features rain and frost sensors, ensuring your mower only works when conditions are right.

More Time for You

The robust and reliable Cramer robotic mower range are fully autonomous, mowing at times scheduled by you, and charging automatically when required. as well as the benefit of not having to deal with petrol, oil or electric cables associated with traditional mowers, with a Cramer robotic mower you never have to mow the lawn again, giving you more time to spend with family or doing the things you really enjoy.

Safe and Secure

The Cramer robotic mower range have numerous integrated safety features for your peace of mind. With a large manual stop button which is easily accessible, lift and tilt sensors, and collision sensors. All safety features stop the blades instantly to minimize any risks while working around the garden.

As well as safety, the RM series has numerous security features to protect your mower from theft. Thanks to the geofence feature the machine triggers an alarm when removed from its working area, with smartphone notifications and full GPS tracking to ensure you always have visibility of your mower.

So quiet you won’t even notice

The Cramer RM series are exceptionally quiet when mowing, with the RM1000 producing just 57dB in use. This allows your lawn to be cut day or night without ever disturbing you or your neighbours.

Easy to Clean

Featuring IPX5 water protection, the mower is not only protected from the elements, but cna also be washed using a garden hose thanks to the easily removable cover.

Next Steps

Call us today to discuss your options on 046-9737000.

We would strongly recommend speaking to one of our experienced advisers. We can guide you through chosing the right model mower for your lawn and even carry out a survey of your lawn to ensure you are purchasing the right robot for you and don’t have any unexpected costs later. All too often we hear stories of people having difficulties with installation, needing to order more ground wire and connections as the lawn was larger than they thoughtor had more obstacles than they realised before ordering. Worse still some have needed to upgrade to a larger model as they hadn’t measured the lawn or taken slopes into account.

We want to ensure that you have the right mower from day one and that you know exactly what it will cost so that you can make a fully informed decision and be 100% happy with your purchase.

Brushless Motor
22cm cutting width
2-6cm cutting height
Manual cutting height adjustment
Up to 140 minutes cutting time (with RM2700)
Charging time from 40mins (RM2000) to 140mins (RM1000)
Weight from 7.2Kg-11Kg
Max slope from 30% (RM800) to 35% (RM1000 to RM2700)
Minimum width cutting pasage 60cm
Random navigation across the range
GPS tracking on all models (except RM800)
Fully adjustable timer setting
9 Replacement blades included
Site Survey available
Installation service available

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