82V Leaf Blower

208.32 + Vat

82V Leaf Blower (battery not included)

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Weighing in at only 2.5kg (without battery) the Cramer 82V leaf blower comes with a shoulder strap and includes a cruise control toggle on the ergonomic handle which allows you to set the speed of your air-flow without having to hold the variable trigger. Minimal vibration also reduces fatigue.

As part of the Cramer 82V professional line-up, the battery is interchangeable in any of the 82V range of lawnmowers, brushcutters, strimmers, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, carts and con-saws. Offering one battery for all your Cramer garden tools.

Brushless Motor
Air speed up to 62 m/s
Blowing force of 21.9 N
Equivalent to 30cc performance

Battery Runtimes: (Sold sperately)
82V290P – 55mins
82V360 – 72mins
82V580P – 97mins

82V batteries deliver more power with less current meaning battery cells don’t have to operate at maximum levels. This generates less heat, increasing efficiency and battery life along with reducing the risk of sudden interruptions due to overheated cells and motors.

This leaf blower will come with 12 months warranty.

Call us on 046-9737000 if you need any additional information or guidance on battery choices.

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